Story of Marlene Ruth – The Doll Museum

My name is Marlene Ruth.  I am 84 years old and I am the owner of the Museum called Ruth’s Dolls and Memories Museum In Pollock Pines, CA.

I am an avid doll collector and I have dolls from when I was a child.  My mother loved dolls and bought me the collection of Nancy Ann dolls for my birthday and Christmas.  They came in a little box with dots on them.   I loved them and i still have them on display in the museum.    My mom and I collected dolls and the house was full of them.  My Dad would make the cabinets along with my husband Bob and our world began.  Doll collecting is a hobby and awakens the interest of both girls and women.  To make dolls and being taught by your mother to sew and learn how to put a doll together is a real teaching.  A pastime which is educational as well as interesting.  My husband Bob and I used to make lots of dolls – pouring the molds, firing them in the kiln, lots of careful, delicate work.  At the museum, I show you how the doll is put together.  I used to do a lot of repair work but now i do not have the time.

I have made dolls of myself, my husband, my mother, my father,  my aunt,  my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren – all of these dolls are in the museum.  I made 75 porcelain dolls and they are all in the museum – along with my wedding dress that I made in High School.

The museum is not only dolls – many memories.  My Bob has his collection of radios, steins and a wonderful collection of Betty Boop, old cars, telephones, Indian dolls, mermaids.

The memories in this museum will make you want to take many pictures and you will enjoy the wonderful memories.